Monday, July 7, 2014

Pia DeSolenni and "The Feminist in Me"

Dr. Pia De Solenni
Catholic Professor and blogger Pia de Solenni penned a thought-provoking post after reflecting on the Supremes' Hobby Lobby decision which immediately moved me me to repost what I wrote on July 5th here, for she offers contemporary  corroboration of  the prophecy in Paul VI's encyclical:

In Humanae vitae Paul VI posited among other things that as a result of the contraceptive mentality, "the man" will lose respect for "the woman" and "no longer (care) for her physical and psychological equilibrium" and will come to "the point of considering her as a mere instrument of selfish enjoyment and no longer as his respected and beloved companion." 

The Pope came to understand that the Church's teaching on contraception is intended to protect the good of conjugal love. When spouses violate this good, they do not act in accord with their inborn dignity and thus jeopardize their own happiness. Treating their bodies as mechanical instruments to be wrought for their own purposes, they risk treating their spouse as an object of pleasure.