Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ruminations on Obergefell III

Post-Obergefell the Body of Christ has been given the chance to repent of the greatest sexual sin of our time—fornication. For every lost soul searching fruitlessly for love within the community of those who desire sex with a person of the same sex, how many more wishing it with the opposite sex are in fact also fornicators, ferrying from one exhausted relationship to the next, increasingly emotionless in the face of the lies that he or she is telling with body and words?  Given this climate, we among the faithful best acknowledge the ditch from which God’s Grace rescued us. Only God is holy in all of this; it is we His children who are made holy. Can anyone honestly deny that since the decade of the 1960s those with same-sex attraction have been battling for the right to be as promiscuous as all the rest of the culture? Who among us will cast the first stone?