Sunday, November 25, 2012

Msgr. Pope, Fulton Sheen and a Sign of the Diabolic in Our Culture

I have written extensively on this blog and in my book on Paul VI's use of the term "libido" as a sign of the diabolic. (Just search under the term to read them). Here are three characteristics of the diabolic according to Msgr. Pope, following Archbishop Sheen. It does not take much analysis to see how these three characteristics of the diabolic are alive and flourishing in the modern world, at least the Western branch of it.
1. Love of Nudity - This is clearly manifest at several levels. First there is the widespread tendency of immodest dress. We have discussed modesty here before and ought to note that modesty comes from the word “mode” referring to the middle or to moderation. Hence, while we want to avoid oppressively puritanical notions about dress that impose heavy burdens (especially on women) and regard the body as somewhat evil, we must also critique many modern forms of dress at the other extreme. These “fashions” reveal more than is reasonable and generally have, as their intent to draw attention to aspects of the body that are private and reserved for sexual union in marriage. Too many in our culture see little problem parading about in various stages of undress, wearing clothing that are more intended to disclose and call attention to, than to conceal the private areas of the body. This love of disclosure and titillation is surely an aspect of the Evil One’s love of nudity, and he has surely spread his obsession to many in the modern West.
Pornography, though nothing new in this fallen world, has surely reached epidemic proportions via the Internet. Any psychotherapist, counselor or priest will tell you that addiction to pornography is a huge problem among people today. Pornographic sites on the Internet outpace all others tenfold. Multimillion Americans are viewing enormous amounts of pornography and the “industry” is growing exponentially. What was once hidden away in adult bookstores is now one click away on the Internet. And the thought that browsing habits are easily discoverable matters little to the addicts of this latest form of slavery. Many are on a steep slope downward into ever more deviant forms of porn. Many end up at illegal sites before they even know what has happened to them, and the FBI is knoocking on their door. Satan’s love of nudity has possessed many!
The overall sexualization of culture also ties in to Satan’s love of nudity. We sexualize women to sell products. We even sexualize children. Our sitcoms chatter endlessly about sex in a very teenage and immature sort of way. We are, collectively, goofy and immature about sex, and our culture giggles like horny teenagers obsessed with something we don’t really understand. Yes, Satan loves nudity, and everything that goes with it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

How Will I Show My Faith in the Year of Faith? (Do I have Any?)

Any male wishing to stop dancing with Mr. D!  (You know what I mean...) Click on the above if you are in the Greater Detroit area to learn how to begin.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Does the Devil Really Exist?

Why not look into what an exorcist has to offer here? Also, check out Fr. Z on this here.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

She shall crush the head of the Serpent...

From Rome, following the Holy Father in the Year of Faith at

The Smoke of Satan to be published in March!

Xulon Press

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Xulon Press (pronounced "zoo-lon”) bills itself as "the largest publisher of Christian books in North America", claiming more than 3,900 titles published by 2007.[1][2] It has published more than 3,900 print-on-demand titles in the categories of Christian living, theology, church growth, discipleship, Bible studies, fiction, poetry, biographies, and others. For a fixed fee the press will publish an author's finished manuscript in paperback, hard cover, and electronic form. Once published, customers may order the book directly from online retailers, and retailers may order the book through distributors.[3]
Xulon Press is a member of the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA)[citation needed] and the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA).[citation needed] Xulon Press makes authors' books available through distribution agreements with Ingram DistributorsSpring Arbor Distributors, and[citation needed]

My book to be published in March!: At long last, I have received confirmation from Xulon Press that The Smoke of Satan in the Temple of God is scheduled to be released no later than March 31. I hope it will play a role in the New Evangelization in the Year of Faith!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dancing with the Dragon accelerates?: Kissing Cooper

Following the election demographic analysis of the President's winning coalition, perhaps sentiments such as expressed here will be normative for the United States in the future....  Oremus.