Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Liturgical Abuses? Or Much More?

Recently Jimmy Akin posted on his blog an analysis of Paul VI's Smoke of Satan Homily, which, having authored  book on the wisdom of the homily, is spot on. In Chapter 1 I write:

During the course of my research for this book, Cardinal Virgilio Noe, the chief Vatican liturgist during the pontificate of Paul VI, in an interview with the Roman Petrus website, related that when Paul spoke of the “smoke of Satan” entering the Catholic Church, he was referring to liturgical abuses. In that denunciation, he said, the Pope “meant to include all those priests or bishops and cardinals who didn’t render proper worship to the Lord, celebrating Holy Mass badly because of an errant interpretation of the implementation of the Second Vatican Council.” While I agree this was indeed a concern, I believe that the Holy Father’s subsequent remarks on this subject discussed above do not take away from the book’s argument, and, were the Pope alive, he would agree with his former master of ceremonies when in the same interview he stated, “Now it is necessary to recover—and in a hurry—the sense of the sacred in the ars celebrandi, before the smoke of Satan completely pervades the whole Church.”

  I concur with Jimmy that the Pope intended much more than liturgical abuses.... Search "The Smoke of Satan" in my blog to read pertinent examples!