Thursday, January 3, 2013

In my first chapter I noted that evidence reveals that the true fruits of Vatican Council II are only today beginning to be realized in each of the four main areas addressed by the Council documents. Thus, it is heartwarming to see that my findings are corroborated by a noted Jesuit professor of Theology here. Specifically:" The publication Civiltà Cattolica, whose drafts are reviewed by the Vatican Secretariat of State, declares that the profound crisis that has struck the Catholic Church in the last 50 years “has been a long time coming” and is “essentially a crisis of faith”, but the paper does not agree with the traditionalists’ idea that the Council and its openness to the modern world might be at the origin of such predicament. Moreover, the publication states that “ the Council has not exhausted its task, but rather has founded a method of evangelization which is old and new at the same time, as it calls for all Catholics to share in the responsibility of taking the Gospel to all men”.