Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In my third chapter I write:

"The fulfillment of Pope Paul’s predictions has been recounted in numerous theological studies. All show convincingly the negative fruits in the areas of abortion, divorce, family disintegration, wife and child abuse, STDs and illegitimate births. These studies also show the dehumanization of women as males were released from accountability for their sexual aggression. And, as pro-life Catholics know all too well, population control is part and parcel of current United Nations policy debates vis-à-vis developing nations. Finally, the studies also reveal in vitro fertilization, cloning, genetic engineering and embryonic stem cell research for what they are: the fruits of the contraceptive mentality. I avidly recommend these studies to the reader, for I have found no shortage of Catholics intellectually dishonest in spouting off on our topic not having read these studies in light of Humanae Vitae and the tradition of the Church. At the very least, the Church which Jesus established, in teaching that contraception is “shameful and intrinsically vicious,” stands with Him as a “sign of contradiction” in our present culture’s moral climate."  Of late, the distinguished Catholic Robert Shaw has entered the lists here