Monday, December 23, 2013

Clericalism? Or Holiness?

I have been most impressed over the last decade with the formation of priests emanating from the Archdiocese of Detroit's Sacred Heart Major Seminary, though many  Catholics with whom I am acquainted would disagree. Of these I suspect a sampling of their concern would go something like this:

"They appear to be more concerned about titles, clerical attire, fancy vestments, distance between themselves and their parishioners, and they focus more on what makes them distinctive than on their vocation to wash the feet of others (Jn 13:14–17), to lead with humility and to show the compassionate face of God to all.
What concerns people, in other words, is clericalism."

Could there be an initiative to denigrate many young priests in the  Church from within the Church itself, even from fellow priests. by accusing them of clericalism? Pope Francis himself  in his recent Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. has spoken out against careerism and ambition among some of the clergy, particularly within the Curia, and against clericalism. But is this what is really occurring here? 
For most of the the People of God, who possess not an anticlerical agenda but poor formation, the passage of time will remedy things. Hence let us just pray that people who should know better seek to catechize the faithful instead of scandalizing them with false charges of clericalism.