Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dancing with Mr. D.: Tootie Nefertootie

Just saw a piece about a drag show at the University of SanDiego entitled “Celebration of Gender Expression: Supreme Drag Superstar”.
According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, USD spokesman Tim O’Malley defended the event, saying, “We do not mean to demean our critics. Gender expression and identity, for some people, is not an area to be explored. For some people, that simply is wrong. However, the law of the church is silent on cross dressing. There no evidence that cross dressing is inherently homosexual.”

It seems that local drag queen/ transvestite ‘Tootie Nefertootie’” was the master of ceremonies for the show. Nefertootie dressed for the final show of the evening in a black robe and a goat-horned headdress while singing a song titled “Good N’Evil” that included the lyrics:

Good and evil -
And their merits -
Men have argued through history -
As well they should!
My philosophy
Any child can see -
“Good is evil -
And therefore
All evil is good”

At one point, the drag queen reportedly stripped off the black robe to reveal a skimpy outfit but did not remove the goat-horned headdress. 

Prophetically, on the day following the drag show the Holy Father Pope Francis during Mass warned about the existence of the Devil and he discussed the importance of gender by saying "it is necessary to reaffirm the right of children to grow up in a family, with a father and a mother capable of creating an ideal environment for their development and emotional maturity."

The drag show concluded with a student representative of the gay student group on campus reportedly thanking USD “for letting this happen…[because]…as you know some people may find this conversation uncomfortable…[however]…this is a testament to our…Catholic identity and our mission and values as a Catholic school to promote diversity and inclusion.”

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