Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dancing With Mr. D:The Devil and Man at Harvard II

Awhile back I posted on the attempt at holding a Black Mass on the campus of Harvard. 
Harvard's Memorial Hall
This reflection on the event by Timothy George in First Things caught my eye:

....on a balmy Monday evening in May, two events took place near Harvard Square—both involving the Devil. A group of Satan-devotees and their friends assembled in a Chinese restaurant for a little diablerie along with their egg rolls and lo mein. A few yards away, at St. Paul Church, more than 1500 people turned out for a holy hour in order to pray, as one of the organizers of the event said, “for those who seek to persecute the Church and a university that has allowed it.” One of those in attendance at the Eucharistic holy hour at St. Paul Church was President Faust. She was there, she said, “in order to join others in reaffirming our respect for the Catholic faith at Harvard.” Meanwhile, at the Vatican, Pope Francis was hosting a conference on exorcism. “The Devil is present!” he said. “The Devil is here, even in the twenty-first century! And we musn’t be na├»ve, right? We must learn from the Gospel how to fight against Satan.”