Monday, February 16, 2015

A Bishop Bishops!

Recently the San Fran Chronicle noted:

"No one can quarrel with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s determination to ensure that his rigid interpretation of church doctrine is taught at four Catholic high schools. Families can decide whether they want their children to learn certain “truths” that are not necessarily accepted by many practicing Catholics, such as the belief that civil law should ban same-sex marriage, contraception is “intrinsically evil,” abortion is always wrong and reproductive technology is a 'grave evil.'"

The bishop takes his job seriously, as Vatican II teaches that he do. The council charged bishops with the following: All bishops are bound to foster and safeguard the unity of the Catholic faith and safeguard and teach with a love of the Body of Christ, especially the poor, the suffering and those persecuted. Primacy is given to their preaching of the gospel, warding off whatever errors might threaten their flocks. Bishops’ teaching as such are to be revered by their sheep, who must give assent to their bishops’ decisions in matters of faith and morals, and especially to thePope’s authority, even when he is not speaking “from the chair of Peter.” The worldwide college of bishops infallibly proclaims Christ’s doctrine when, preserving communion amongst themselves and with Peter’s successor, “in their authoritative teaching concerning matters of faith and morals, they are in agreement that a particular teaching is to be held definitively and absolutely.” Their decisions must be adhered to with the loyal, obedient assent of faith on the part of Catholics. Thus, the infallibility promised the Church is present in the college of bishops when, with the Holy Father, they exercise the Church’s magisterium. When the Holy Father, or the bishops united with him, define a doctrine, they do so in conformity with divine revelation, to which the faithful must also give assent of faith (though this does not indicate new public revelation as concerns the Deposit of Faith). Nice going, Archbishop. Read more.