Monday, July 6, 2015

Ruminations on Obergefell

Post-Obergefell, we Catholics await battles we must pick on the religious liberty front, and so let us remember that God, and not Anthony Kennedy, created marriage. For the homosexual person, conversion, i.e., repentance, sorrow, and the resolution to amend one’s life—has always been hard, and so many have opted for the whip instead. But for all of the exaltation that #lovewins brings, it is still harder to say, “I have sinned,” than to bring “the world” under one’s power. The homosexual activists have chosen to attempt the latter, confusing theology with political victory, thus ceded the theological avenue to we faithful.
Post Obergefell, Catholics are much less obstructed in our mission of the New Evangelization. We needn’t be concerned with the political issue anymore, as truth cannot be changed by the five justices of SCOTUS. It is quite probable what the hererodox devotees of #lovewins will savor their SCOTUS “victory” and so sanction the bankruptcy of their cause.
Post Obergefell losers, sadly, are the ones experiencing same-sex attraction. The 

debate now over, the truth will seek its revenge, and those in homosexual 

relationships will have to suffer the lie that homosexuality can bring happiness. Also,

sadly, on the losing end are the children who are now destined to observe this slow-

motion demolition of human dignity firsthand. OREMUS.

#lovewins?  This begs the question: What is love? We Catholics now have the chance to answer this question, pitted against the homosexual activists, who place their concept of love in the body, and the way the body feels, a very narrow conception of love, which dispels loneliness, and lessens fear.  So now not only are we called to love, but are given the chance to show it in a very real way. One need only look at the Cross to know his way. As we have learned from the Master, love lays down its life for the sake of the wayward other, counts no cost, looks to no reward, and holds no grudge. Love is not the self, but death to self. (to be continued….)