Sunday, March 6, 2016


Several pundits and media are paralleling Donald Trump with Hitler, thus cheapening the memory of those who died in the Holocaust. Typical are the Huffington Post  and the Washington Post’s editorial board; Newsweek inquired if Trump was a fascist. Today the Huff puffed this as well.

Each one of these references cheapens the suffering of those who suffered through the Holocaust.
If one persists in making the comparison, one should ask:

Does Donald Trump make people tattoo numbers on their arms?
Did Trump kill people, cremate their remains, and bury them in mass graves? 
Did Donald Trump kill people and then recycle what was usable?

The simple truth is: Trump does not want to force people to put tattoos on their arms, nor crows them in to death camps where they would suffer torture till they were gassed, shot, or died some other horrible death, followed by mutilating their corpses by taking out what can be reused—–and until that happens any comparison to Hitler and/or the Nazis is not only false and inappropriate, but it cheapens the memory of the people who suffered during the Holocaust and those who try to honor their memories.