Saturday, July 30, 2016

Party Platforms and the Family

I realize that whoever wins the Presidency, he or she is not bound by their party's platform. An analysis of the major parties’ platforms nonetheless reveals a difficult truth: Neither party is committed to the family in the same way or to the same extent to which Catholic social teaching demands.

Republicans, while implying an understanding of the nature of the family and its centrality to society, fail to consider its well-being consistently across the board. Democrats on the other hand, support some policies that provide needed relief to families, but this comes almost in spite of the severely flawed, individualistic, adult-centric vision of family life and marriage that they advance.
Thus, the believing Catholic must pray for our elected officials in the hope that they will develop a more profound reverence for the family and commit themselves to protecting and promoting it, and with it, the common good. Catholics must also continue to strengthen families in the culture and in our own communities, recognizing that public policy alone cannot solve the crisis of family life in this country.

Finally, Catholics across our country must acknowledge that much-needed changes in the political landscape will not come without our active participation, if not leadership, in the public life of our communities, states and nation.