Monday, June 19, 2017

Bishop Barron on Martin Luther

Bishop Robert Barron, in his June 13 article titled "Looking at Luther With
Fresh Eyes," describes Martin Luther as "a mystic of grace, someone who had fallen completely in love."
Fr. describes Luther as the "undisputed father of the Reformation" and as
"cantankerous, pious, very funny, shockingly anti-Semitic, deeply insightful and utterly exasperating."
While admiring of Luther, Fr. adds: "I disagree with lots and lots of his
ideas," without clarifications.

Barron summarizes: "For at the core of Luther's life and theology
was an overwhelming experience of grace. After years of trying in vain to
please God through heroic moral and spiritual effort, Luther realized that,
despite his unworthiness, he was loved by a God who had died to save him,"
adding, "Luther was an ecstatic, and the religious movement he launched
[Protestantism] was 'a love affair.'"
Was Dr. Luther in love with God when he said:
Christ committed adultery first of all with the woman at the well about whom St. John
tells us. Was not everybody about Him saying: 'Whatever has He been doing with
her?' Secondly, with Mary Magdalene, and thirdly with the woman taken in
adultery whom He dismissed so lightly. Thus even Christ, Who was so righteous,
must have been guilty of fornication before He died?

Lutheralso referred to the Church Our Lord founded as a "Roman Sodom" and referred to the pope as the "Antichrist" and faithful Catholics as "agents of Satan."