Friday, August 17, 2012

Bishops, NOT Episcopal Conferences!

From The Smoke of Satan in the Temple of God:

….many a bishop in the face of the neomodernist threat have proven incapable of willingness to lay down his life for his sheep. The bureaucracies operating on all levels in the Church were staffed with neomodernist activists and intellectuals who established an entrenched elite committed to the “spirit of Vatican II’ in advancing their agenda of radical change. A noted orthodox Thomist and scholar [Ralph McInerney] has written, “Today it is the rare bishop who is in charge of the bureaucracy that has metastasized around him.” That this presented a major obstacle to furthering Vatican II’s call to individual holiness is also evident in John Paul II’s response to this phenomenon in his Apostolic Letter of May, 1998, Apostolos Suos. Here the Pope urgently reminded the Church of the limited authority of the national episcopal conferences and their bureaucracies, which were to be run by, and speak only for the bishops and not their staffs and commissions.  He also instructed bishops that the purpose of each national conference “require[s] that an excessively bureaucratic development of offices and commissions operating between plenary sessions be avoided,” and that “commissions and offices exist to be of help to bishops and not a substitute for them.”

Here is a recent example from the campaign of 2012 of how the conferences can distort Catholic teaching! You might also wish to read the president of the USCCB on Congressman Ryan here.