Sunday, December 23, 2012


New York Times best-selling author and Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Regina Brett has issued a call for Vatican III. She says the Church needs true renewal. I agree that She does need true renewal, the best explanation of which is set down in Vatican II's call to personal holiness, yet to be acknowledged by a majority of Catholics in the U.S. at present (hence the Year of Faith!). Brett writes: "Instead of renewing our faith by returning to the fundamentals of church teachings, why not open our minds to a new church? It's been 50 years since Vatican II renewed the church and helped it face the modern world. The world has only gotten more modern. The Catholic Church hasn't." Just how will this produce true renewal? The New Evangelization is about true renewal, and the first step toward personal holiness. She also recites the familiar "God speaks, not only through popes, bishops and priests, but through ordinary people, including women, who hold up half of this world. That's what God did all through the Bible, speak through fishermen, tax collectors, wives, mothers and daughters to create disciples to spread the good news." I suspect the Devil relishes the thought that Brett might gain hearers in her attempt to play God. This sentiment amounts to yet another repetition of the misinterpretation of the sensus fidelium. On this, see the Holy Father here