Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vatican II and who will make it to Heaven

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I just ran across a comment to CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT'S discussion of Ralph Martin's new book on Vatican II and salvation:

"Vatican Councils II needs to be scrapped as it has inflicted massive despoliation of the church and compromised it with the norms and values of the world. The so-called magesterium of the post-conciliar papacies is ambiguous and frequently at odds with tradition. The new liturgy is so appalling that they can try to fix it as many times as they like but it will always remain protestant and anthropocentric. Imagine how many lies and how much misinformation was given to lead us into believing The Holy mass in Latin was abrogated. Whatever happened to the so-called "church of love" which has led to serial presbyterial abuse of minors and the excommunication of a Society of bishops and priests who defended Sacred Tradition in the Sacraments? In what manner can we find it acceptable to ecumenise [sic] so much it appears as though the church hierarchy no longer seem to believe in The Roman Catholic Church as the established church of Our Blessed Lord? Even the papacies ignore liturgical laws on the liturgy and ecclesiastical ones too."

This type of thinking is one MAJOR reason why I wrote The Smoke of Satan. That the above viewpoint is disingenuous is corroborated by my discussion of Catholic the Traditionalist vs. 'progressive' (heterodox) dichotomy in my second chapter. The point/ READ THE DOCUMENTS for yourself, as I did, and you will see that, in the words of another, "Vatican II is yet to be!" Better yet, read my analysis of the Church in the U.S. since Vatican II!