Saturday, September 6, 2014

Several Hundred people do Not Lie!

At present many Catholics and non-Catholics like have little to no understanding of the emotional causes of homosexual attractions and behavior, largely due to spiritual laziness or lack of will to do extensive research into causes of the disorder. 

Nor is there an awareness of the powerful role that Catholic spirituality can play in the healing of this disorder. In fairness, the reasons for this state of ignorance include the scant literature available on the value of the Catholic Faith and the sacraments in the resolution of homosexual attractions and acts, this in spite of the hundreds of success stories for those seeking to resolve the disorder--hence this blog post. Furthermore, traditional therapy has failed to resolve homosexual behavior, because by definition there is an all-powerful divine element excluded from the process. Add to this the views within the media and educational, social service, health and political fields, and the matter grows more complex. It is no secret, as Pope Francis reminds us, that due to the influence of pernicious spiritual forces unbeknownstto the secular psyche, there are many factions within the Church herself that are opposed to and are attempting to undermine traditional Catholic moral doctrine on this issue.

This failure to understand the actual causes of homosexuality influences those who counsel teenagers and adults with this disorder. Therapists repeatedly tell those seeking help that the Our Lord’s teaching on homosexuality is insensitive to homosexuals, unscientific, and erroneous! They are advised to accept themselves as being created homosexual by God. This is an abject falsehood. Unfortunately, those giving such counsel usually have little mindfulness of the emotional conflicts leading to homosexual attractions, nor of the healing power available with forgiveness and Catholic spirituality.