Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Libido Redux: Megyn Kelly on Human Sexuality

Fox News" Megyn Kelly went on record on Bill O'Reilly's program as saying, in a story about a 7th grade science teacher viewing pornography on the job, that "There is nothing wrong with human sexuality. You want to watch porn, go ahead and watch porn." While I agree that, as created by God, human sexuality is good, very good indeed, I think she, as an intelligent woman, should admit to being in the dark having used the term pornography in the same statement on human sexuality. Perhaps this confusion is a legacy of the "sexual revolution" of the sixties. In this decade, America witnessed a turning away from traditional Catholic sexual moral teaching, revealed by God for our health and well-being. The so-called revolution has produced the fruit not of “liberation” but of widespread suffering: the spiraling number of STDs, the millions of abortions, unintended sterility, global pornography, the sex trade, the vast increase in rape and child abuse, promiscuity’s threats to marriage and family, and the hundreds of thousands of victims of AIDS.

Let us pray that those people in a position to mold public opinion educate themselves on the genuine fruits of the porn industry, outlined on this blog (searchable) under the heading Libido Redux. A good starting point would be Joshua Schulz's recent piece for Crisis.