Sunday, June 1, 2014

Be Holy!

Pope St. John Paul II
Pope John Paul II has said of the humanist cosmology strongly ingrained in both theology and philosophy at the opening of the Second Vatican Council that,“by exchanging relevance for truth, this form of modernism shows itself incapable of satisfying the demands of truth to which theology is called to respond”. Nevertheless, it remains among prominent laity, religious and priests today, in effect a rejection of Catholic teaching on divine revelation, human nature, and God’s gift of reason as capable of leading us to Him. Fr. de Lubac noted that the apostasy of this man-centered “society” developed under the pretext of “renewal, ecumenism, or adaptation” to modernity. We as Catholics should be attentive to Church teaching in acknowledging the reality of and the need to combat evil in the world through our adherence to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and its primary message, the universal call to holiness.