Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dancing with Mr. D: Gender Ideology

In a private conversation with Bishop Andreas Laun on January 30 as part of the Austrian bishops’ ad limina visit, Pope Francis strongly condemned “gender ideology.” In so doing he follows the example of Pope Benedict, who is on record as saying that gender ideology is “a negative trend for humankind,” and a “profound falsehood,” which “it is the duty of pastors of the Church” to put the faithful “on guard against.”
Bishop Laun

The Austrian bishop stated, “In response to my questioning, Pope Francis said, ‘Gender ideology is demonic!’” As I have chronicled on these pages, the Holy Father often refers to the work of the devil. Of gender ideology, Bishop Laun explained that “the core thesis of this sick product of reason is the end result of a radical feminism which the homosexual lobby has made its own.” “It asserts that there are not only Man and Woman, but also other ‘genders’. And furthermore: every person canchoose his or her gender,” he added.

“Today,” he said, “it is promoted by governments and VIPs and substantial amounts of money are spent on spreading it, even in teaching materials for kindergartens and schools.”
Gabriele Kuby
Bishop Laun encouraged the reading of the latest book by famed German Catholic sociologist Gabriele Kuby, The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom. Kuby is nonplussed at calling gender ideology demonic. “Gender ideology is the deepest rebellion against God that is possible,....Man does not accept that he is created as man or woman, no, he says, ‘I decide! This is my freedom!’ - against experience, against nature, against reason, against science!” Non serviam.
She views it as "the ultimate perversion of individualism,” for “It robs man of the last remnant of his identity, that is, to be a man and a woman, after having lost faith and family and nation. It is indeed diabolical,....that an ideology, which every person can discern as a lie, can capture the common sense of people and become the dominant ideology of our time.” I could not agree more, for reasons amply discussed in my book on Catholic teaching on spiritual warfare.