Sunday, August 3, 2014

Libido Redux: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Back in June of this year I wrote about Pope Francis' view of Gender identity: "Gender ideology is demonic!’” said the Holy Father. One thinks of this statement wonders what the New York Times thinks of this statement by  a Pope they admire after running this piece on gender identity. The article tells of how there are not only man and woman, but also other ‘genders;' furthermore:every person can choose his or her gender. Fr. Longenecker stands this on its head:

"Well, call me old fashioned, but remember Humanae Vitae? The underlying teaching was a defense of the essentials of human sexuality. Basically “sex is for babies” and if you separate sex from babies all sorts of monstrous things will come about.
When sex becomes more about recreation than pro creation people become confused about what sex is for, and if they’re confused about what sex is for, then they soon become confused about what their sexual organs are for, and if they are confused about what their sexual organs are for they become confused about whether they are male or female.
The confusion is exacerbated by the breakdown of the family–which is where strong sexual identities are formed, and the breakdown of conventional marriage–where strong sexual identities are consolidated.
It is no wonder then, after fifty years of family and marriage breakdown–divorce, porn, promiscuity and all the rest–that many in a new generation of young people don’t know who they are or what they are."

Which is why Il Santissimo Padre views this phenomenon for what it is.....