Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Be Not Lukewarm

Is it possible that Church leaders and Catholic institutions in the U.S. are assisting the furtherance of central tenets of the secularist political and cultural plot? Have you ever read of a prominent Catholic who contends that the Bible instructs us not to judge people? How often have you heard this phrase in the social media? I think there is the phenomena of an unsuspecting acceptance in some Catholic circles of a secularist understanding of important cultural issues.

If a Catholic supports the notion that men who have sex with men, or women who have sex with women “come out,” he or she assists the Gay agenda in achieving its dream of getting an imprimatur from society for grave sin. Many Catholics, woefully ignorant of Catholic moral teaching, by default seem to be accepting of secularist identity politics and the groundless idea that same-sex attraction is innate, and the defining characteristic for those aggrieved by it.
Often such Catholics cite the homosexual priest scandal as a point of departure for their abandonment of Catholic moral theology. As I recount in my book, the scandals were the result of defective vetting of seminary candidates, insufficient oversight within seminaries and dioceses, and an opening to neomodernist thought in the post-Conciliar period. For a cleric to issue a non-judgmental statement toward the homosexual movement is ironic, given the fact the sex abuse scandal mostly involved homosexual priests molesting minor post-pubescent males.
Some months ago, I blogged on the president of a respected Catholic college who seemed to publicly rebuke a teaching subordinate after dissenting parents objected to her defense of the Church’s teaching on homosexuality at a Catholic highschool. Here it appeared that a Catholic institution precluded a challenge to the homosexual narrative.
Some Catholics seem unaware of how the homosexualist will use their actions and statements to further an agenda hostile to Church teaching, and then state that the Church now agrees with them. They seem to confuse true caritas with false compassion. They want to be “pastoral” and influence Catholics whom they fear may not otherwise listen, and thus do not emphasize those Church teachings despised by the secular culture.
The U.S. Bishops, the Shepherds of the flock and those of the flock who understand the problem have to speak up. The secularists are aiming at total cultural transformation, evidenced in the media. Catholics must not only avoid unwittingly promoting the secular narrative, they must relentlessly oppose it.