Thursday, October 23, 2014

Libido Redux: Hope for Catholics With a Homosexual Orientation

Dean Bailey and Family
I have just read an interview with a man who is being healed of a same-sex orientation, which he describes as an addiction. He has authored a book, much of which is on his websiteHe speaks publicly about his struggle with homosexuality, telling audiences that homosexuality is a “sexual addiction and dependency,” not a condition to be socially accepted and celebrated. “It is merely one of the many evidences of the broken, spiritual condition of our human race,” he tells people. Having written extensively on how Paul VI, recently beatified, teaches that the Devil uses human libido as a way to lead souls from the truth about human sexuality, taught by Our Lord though His Church, I was glad to hear Dean Bailey state the following:

"Spiritually speaking, however, I believe that Satan is the ultimate deceptive force and mastermind behind not just the marriage aspect of their agenda, but also behind the entire distortion that somehow managed to turn a dysfunctional human sexual behavior into a “civil rights” cause." 

I applaud Mr. Bailey for his courage in revealing the truth about homosexuality, and shall pray for the success of the mission Our Lord has called him to.