Saturday, August 29, 2015

Courageous Conference Goer

document preparing the groundwork for this fall’s synod asks some hard-hitting questions about homosexuality:
How can the Christian community give pastoral attention to families with persons with homosexual tendencies? What are the responses that, in light of cultural sensitivities, are considered to be most appropriate? While avoiding any unjust discrimination, how can such persons receive pastoral care in these situations in light of the Gospel? How can God’s will be proposed to them in their situation?
Joseph Prever

At the end of August, Ignatius Press will publish a book-length treatment of those questions entitled Living the Truth in Love. Based on a recent Courage International conference held in Plymouth, Michigan, the book will include a contribution from Joseph Prever, a celibate, gay Catholic who blogs at Prever is known for his prominent role in an April 2014 documentary about gay Catholics entitled The Third Way. As a speaker and writer, he has been grappling with the same questions to be considered this fall in Rome.