Sunday, September 20, 2015

2 Ruminations on Neomodernism

In my book I pointed out that neomodernists raise the question of whether Jesus intended to found a Church, since they understand his mission as concerned only with inaugurating the Kingdom of God, i.e., delivering people from spiritual and physical suffering in this world, which is how they understand salvation. The Syllabus of Errors also cites their rejection of Christ’s conferring the keys of the Kingdom on St. Peter, and with this grant of divine authority Peter’s earthly leadership of His Church, and His institution of the sacraments, all except Baptism and the Eucharist.

In the neomodernist movement, believing as they do all dogma to be relative, all Christian denominations (now over 30,000) are to be regarded as equal with the Catholic Church. Indeed, George Tyrell came to view Christianity as merely an intermediary stage in the evolution of a new “universal religion.” Neomodernists declared that the ecumenism taught by Vatican II required that Catholics see non-Christian religions as equally valid expressions of man’s search for truth.... More.