Saturday, September 5, 2015

TransJennerism: The Vatican and Godparents

The Vatican has decided that transgender people may not be godparents in the Catholic Church.
CNA reports that the bishop was told it is not possible for transsexual persons to fulfill their duties as a godparent.
An article about the case in Breitbart reports that after the bishop heard back from the Vatican, he issued a public statement noting the Church’s stance that transsexualism “is contrary to human nature” and referencing Laudato Si, the Pope’s encyclical, which states that man “has a nature that he must respect and that he cannot manipulate at will.”
Carla Antonelli, a transsexual, LGBT activist, is quoted as saying this about the Church’s decision:
“Faced with such cruelty one has to conclude that the real inconsistency is of those who claim to be representatives of a doctrine that preaches respect and love of neighbor, but that who use it to unleash hatred and phobias, and crush their neighbor.”
Salinas is also reportedly unhappy about the news, saying, “They are pushing me away from the Church; I no longer expect anything from them.”

The issue of transgenderism in the Church raises many challenges, both morally and pastorally. Even very practical matters have become difficult to navigate such as which bathrooms or locker rooms transgender people should use. 

Has it ever occurred to the LGBTIAs to ask: Can men really become
 women or women become men?