Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dancing With Mr. D: #ShoutYourAbortion

Exposed for garnering the organs of aborted fetuses for profit – often in the most grotesque and inhumane ways conceivable — Planned Parenthood has recently been trying to garner support on social media with a new hashtag stunt called #shoutyourabortion.

The point is to encourage women to talk about their abortions, preferably in positive ways.

#Shoutyourabortion proponents want to downplay abortion by defiantly celebrating it.

Perhaps we should should #shouttheirabortion —because the life of an unborn child is worth proclaiming. If parenthood is refused in abortion, its reality is no less true: an unborn child has parents. Proclaiming the child brings the child’s life forth as a human reality, beloved of God. Let us pray that this realization may be an unforseen consequence of Planned Parenthood’s #shoutyourabortion campaign.