Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hey, Hey, L.A., How Many Kids Did You Lead Astray?

In The Smoke of Satan, I penned the following:

The neomodernist ideology remains alive and well in the various religious education conferences held annually, the largest and most notorious of which is the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference.  A quick foray via the Internet shows that many victims of such theories are featured at the conference today. The Congress originated in the 1950s to educate catechists to teach the Faith more effectively, but by 1987 the influence of neomodernism on presenters at the Congress had produced a creedless, experiential catechesis under the auspices of Sister Edith Prendergast, yet another of our influential circle of religious education experts.

Perusal of both the Congress’s website and links to its speakers divulge ample evidence of the neomodemist opinion that catechesis no longer means passing on received doctrine because the Church can no longer say it possesses revealed “truth” from God. Thus participants were taught to discover truth for themselves by reflecting on their experience, with the role of the catechist now being to facilitate such reflection. And so it was that doctrine increasingly disappeared from the nation’s largest religious education conference much as it had from catechetical programs throughout the country, producing a veritable epidemic of doctrinal illiteracy in the United States. Here is 2017's latest example.