Friday, June 22, 2012

Fr. Michael Reviews TheSmoke of Satan

In The Smoke of Satan in the Temple of God, Timothy Wallace presents to the reader—a synthesized, truthful, and most of all—easily graspable account of the state of the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council. It is to be lamented that many Catholics are unaware of the assault taking place against the Church in this age.  While they can look out and witness the effects, they remain in the dark regarding the symptoms. Wallace accomplishes a great service to these individuals by providing a comprehensive, yet completely accessible account of the historical and philosophical movements that influenced a generation of Catholic thought and practice in the fields of, among other things, sexual ethics, liturgical worship, religious life, catechesis, and the episcopacy.  After laying out the symptoms, Wallace also discusses the key to discovering the true teaching of the Council—which is found in documents themselves and in particular, the thoughts of two individuals who were part of the Council from the very beginning—Joseph Ratzinger and Karol Wojtyla.  Thus, this is also a book of hope—one that promises that while the smoke of Satan may seem to pervade the Church for a time, it will ultimately be blown out by the renewed faith and hope of the Church’s members—who accept the challenge to be light where darkness may prevail.