Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Smoke of Satan Homily

On his Secret Info Club site, apologist Jimmy Akin has summarized the 1972 “Smoke of Satan” Homily of Pope Paul VI, as follows:

“The Second Vatican Council did its work to renew the Church and to bring a new day of light. However, the Council's work has been frustrated by an attack by the devil by means of broader sociological currents that were present in the late 1960s and early 1970s, such as secular social experts and social movements and scientists who lack faith and political and cultural revolutionaries. These sociological currents ("the smoke of Satan") have infected the Catholic community and caused many to doubt and trust the Church and turn away from the eternal answers it has to offer and follow after passing modern ideas that are hostile to Christian thought. In this way the devil has thwarted the work of the Council in bringing in the day of joy and renewal that should have followed the Council.”

That Jimmy's summary is spot on is shown in my recently published book, which was inspired by Paul VI's homily. The homily is not about Satanists in the Curia, though to my knowledge, the entire homily has not been discussed, which is whi I penned the book. In it I show how JPII and Benedict (and, no doubt Francis) saw the need to bring about the vision of the true Vatican II in the New Millennium.