Friday, July 19, 2013

"Most of us would not come within a mile of Catholic youth ministries...."

In my book's chapter on catechesis, I noted the following observation by Marian Crowe:

I am continually struck by the irony that in the years since the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church has done everything possible to make Catholicism more “attractive” to young people. Gone is the emphasis on sin and hell. Gone is harsh, proscriptive moral teaching—especially about sex. Gone is Mass in Latin. Gone are “silent” retreats where we listened to sermons, read devotional books, said the rosary (on our knees), and went to confession. Instead, we have continual reminders of God’s love; an emphasis on peace and joy; folksy, casual Masses with peppy contemporary songs; and “noisy retreats,” where we sit on the floor and have discussion groups, sing along with the guitar, and celebrate “who we are. Yet I don’t think there has ever been a time in time history of the Church when there such a wholesale rejection of the Church by the young. Does anyone really care?

It seems there are vestiges of the attempt to make the church "relevant" to young people, as evidenced by this scandal at the NFCYM. See here as well. If I were young, I'd journey to World Youth Day in Rio with Papa Francis instead. See why!