Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dancing with Mr. D: Alyssa Funke

 A 19-year-old college student committed suicide just two weeks after making her first pornographic video for website CastingCouch-X. The 19-year-old was a straight-A student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, but took her life after the abusive messages via Twitter and Facebook soon began to role in.

It turns out upon a little investigation that women in the pornographic film industry, who were created never to separate their emotions from their sexual faculty, often become depressed fter shooting scenes, and then often do things to take their minds off of the sinful activity, i.e. getting drunk or doing drugs like Xanax, cocaine, or ecstasy to fight the depression.

Alyssa Funke
Michelle Truax, who works with the anti-pornography non-profit XXXChurch, says that almost all – if not all – of the women who have been mentored through its ministry have suffered with bouts of depression. Truax: "It goes so much deeper than just the obvious. We have found that all of the women we have mentored have had issues in their past that caused them to seek out this type of work in the first place. Some will tell you that it started with stripping and the high they got from the attention was incredible for them, because they had never received that kind of attention before."

According to Truax, however, "then it escalates into other things." She says that "ultimately it is a false high, a big letdown, because the attention is superficial." Deep, healthy relationships based on love are not found, "so it further tears at the core issues that were already under the surface before."

Craig Gross, who founded XXXChurch, says that his organization has "a mentor program in place for women that does not discriminate. In other words whether you are in the industry, or out of the industry, or somewhere in between, we have a network of women to mentor and walk with these gals." Would that Alyssa had known.... May God have mercy on her.