Friday, July 11, 2014

Angels and Islam (continued from July 10)

Another diabolical but admittedly wise tactic of the Devil’s would appear to be the semi-ecumenical ententes with Islam, encouraged by Catholics willfully ignorant of the history and main tenets of Islam.

Conversation with Islam in any “ecumenical” vein, as it professes to be out to destroy or subordinate all other religions, compromises ecumenical efforts as set down in Vatican II documents. These teach that ecumenism must focus on our “separated brethren”—especially the Orthodox sister churches, which share Apostolic Succession with Catholics. It goes without saying that the final reunification of Christians would mess with Satan’s plans for domination of the Kingdom of Darkness. Any dialogue with Islam thus makes even less sense than dialogues with Buddhism or Mormonism, which are much less prone to violence.

If this were the 11th century, in the face of news of the Church burnings, murders and abductions being committed against Christians in the Middle East, a Crusade might be called! Today the response of Catholics, instead of appeals for dialogue, would be to insist on the cessation of violence, which is doctrinally approved in Islam.