Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Catholic Answers: Why Should Everyone be Catholic?

A new book is out which is for the layman on "reasons for the
hope that is in us." One main reason to be Catholic for one believing in Jesus Christ is that, in it’s 2000 year history, though the Mystical Body of Christ has been far from perfect, most recently involving the priest homosexual scandals in the United States, the Catholic Church, despite saints and sinners, good choices and bad, has survived and will continue to survive, as we have Our Lord's Word on this!
Another point. The Catholic Church is THE ONLY Church which traces its roots back to Jesus Christ. No other religion can lay claim to that. Read about many more reasons here!

One reason NOT to be Catholic is if you are easily upset, for, as I can attest, you will be looked down on by many for your faith- BUT-- fear not, JESUS IS WITH US UNTIL THE END OF THIS AGE. Here is a current example: