Saturday, June 18, 2016

...Let No Man Put Asunder

Sadly, the works of St. John Paul II on marriage, the family and sexuality, were basically ignored at the Synod on the Family. His Apostolic Exhortation, The Role of the Christian Family in theModern World, has been described as the Magna Carta of the Church’s understanding of marriage and family in our time.
In response to the serious consequences of divorce, and in light of the New Evangelization, let Catholic bloggers be more loyal to young people and innocent, as well as confused, spouses, and link St. John Paul II’s clear and luminous thinking about the sacrament of marriage as regards remaining faithful to one’s marriage and children while attempting to resolve for at least several years the conflicts in each spouse that contribute to marital difficulties. 
I, as many have, witnessed firsthand the fact that those who initiate divorce have never faced their own inner emotional conflicts, especially sadness, that they unconsciously brought into the marriage from their family background or from their own selfishness.  Dare we ask spouses who have separated or divorced to reconsider their commitment to their marriage and their children?  Growth in virtues and in graces from the sacramental bond can, in fact, lead to a rediscovery of trust and love for one’s spouse.