Thursday, December 28, 2017

Pray for Papa Francis

Just received notice of a book, The Dictator Pope, which is being billed s "The inside story of the most tyrannical and unprincipled papacy of modern times." We know that Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pope in 2013 as a liberal and a reformer, long known in his native Argentina as a manipulative politician and a skilful self-presenter. The work alleges that behind the mask of a genial man of the people, Pope Francis has consolidated his position as a dictator who rules by fear and has allied himself with the most corrupt elements in the Vatican to prevent and reverse the reforms that were expected of him.
Marcantonio Colonna

Pseudonomous Marcantonio Colonna's book is the result of close contacts with many of those working in the Vatican, including the leading Cardinals and other figures mentioned in the narrative.
But the case he lays out is largely convincing: that Pope Francis has carefully cultivated an image in public as the apostle of mercy, kindness, and openness; in private, he’s authoritarian, given to profanity-laced outbursts of anger, and manipulative in pursuing his agenda.

This is hardly news, least of all in Rome. This volume, however, is far more probing and detailed than anything that has previously appeared. It sometimes stretches evidence, but the sheer amount of evidence it provides is stunning. About 90 percent of it is simply incontrovertible, and cannot help but clarify who Francis is and what he’s about. So we must pray for him, as the Holy Father's recent actions warrant. WATCH the video above.

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